How To Start a Blog In 2021 | How To Make Money From Blog

What Is a Blog .?

It’s a regularly updated website. This means a blog is an Online Information Website displaying information to people. You can share your knowledge with people or promote products. You have knowledge about something and you want to share this with people because they also got information. You have knowledge about computers or educations, etc you can share with people through your website… it’s a blog in simple words…

Let’s See, What Are The Things Needed To Start a Blog:

  1. Make Perfect Plan
  2. Choose Niche
  3. Choose High-Quality Domain & Hostings
  4. Customize Your Website ( Use Responsive Templets )
  5. Publish Your Posts
  6. Add Your Website With Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdSense
  7. Make Money

Make Perfect Plan:

How To Start a Blog In 2021

Make the right plan to start a blog, don’t quit after starting a blog thinking that I am not getting success. You have to wait then only you will succeed, It is not that if you post articles daily for a month then you will get success. no, not at all. Yes, you have to but not only for a month till you become successful, and even after the success, you have to post articles daily...

Choose Niche:

Choose a high demanded niche, Which you know very well and have unlimited content.

Choose High-Quality Domain & Hostings:

How To Start a Blog In 2021

By choosing a high-quality domain, Like ( .com, .in, .org, .net ), you rank your website on Google and people will easily remember the name of your website.

Choosing a good hosting really helps your website speed that helps to rank on Google faster, And you will also get a free SSL certificate. Always purchase, which hosting provides you free SSL certificate because some hosting can’t provide…

Customize Your Website ( Use Responsive Templets ):

After purchasing domain & hosting install WordPress in hosting and start creating your website using WordPress, Always use a responsive theme it helps you to get Adsense Approval when you apply for Google Adsense…

Publish Your Posts:

How To Start a Blog In 2021

Post articles daily at least 4 a week but before you get AdSense Approval you have to post daily articles. For Posting daily articles you will get more traffic on your website if you get more traffic when Google reviews your site Google will see your site traffic if it is more then Google will give instant approval to your website for showing ads

Update your articles once a month.

Add Your Website With Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google AdSense:

How To Start a Blog In 2021

In simple words, Google is the backbone of your website, Without Google, you will not even rank your website on Google and you will not be able to make money. If you want to rank your website on Google then you have to add your website on “Google Search Console & Google Analytics.

And You have to make earn through your website. Of course, everyone wants, Then you have to add your website with “Google AdSense”. If you are applying for Google AdSense then there should be 10 to 15 posts on your website and your website should be mobile-friendly. And these 6 pages should be necessary on your website ( Terms & Condition Page, Privacy Policy Page, Disclaimer Page, Sitemap, Contact Us Page, About Us Page ).

Keep all these things in mind while applying for Google AdSense. If everything is fine on your website then you will get approval before 48 hours...

Make Money:

Now, Everything is fine and your website also gets approved by Google AdSense then place ads on your website and start earning money…

Main Things:

  1. Learn Some Basic About SEO
  2. Learn Some Basic About Keywords Search
  3. Check Your competitors
  4. Post Unique Articles

What Is SEO.?

Search engine optimization, targeted at getting top placement in search engines may be a technique wont to get top ranking. There are a couple of key considerations to stay in mind while doing all of your SEO.

  1. Your keyword
  2. Keyword density in your webpage
  3. Keyword in Title
  4. Keyword in Meta tag (Deprecated)
  5. Keywords at the end of the page
  6. Keyword in the Heading tag
  7. Keyword in Italics

Placing your keyword in prominent positions will enable you to urge an honest ranking within the search engines. Make sure that your pages are Static HTML pages with No errors to urge a far better ranking. Other considerations to stay in mind are links to your website from other sites. Often called off-page optimization, it’s a key think about program placement. If you have good off-page links to your site, your website is bound to have a good placement on search engines very quickly.
You can achieve this with Basic link exchange to create
great articles for your subject and redistribute them. How you do it is irrelevant as long as they are quality links.

About Some Basic Keyword Research:

Keyword research is a crucial step towards creating a successful niche website that generates good quality traffic through good quality content. There are two key elements that enter keyword research, like the extent of competition that’s out there trying to rank for an equivalent keyword, also because of the number of monthly searches that are literally being finished with that keyword.

The goal is to seek out a keyword that strikes the right balance between these variables: low competition with a high number of monthly global searches.

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