how to remove website URL field from wordpress comment form

How to remove website URL field from wordpress comment form” if you are getting spam comments or unwanted black-links from other websites and for this, you are spam score are increasing so you want to stop this permanently but you have tired a lot but you won’t any result then this article will help you.

Well, many people think that their websites which come in comments that all are legends. But you know that there are courses to build backlinks through those comments and you do not even know.

Back-links means, The link to their site which you do not even know but you become happy by thinking of the legend’s comments from it. Obviously, in today’s article, we learn How to stop spam comments in WordPress without a plugin.

Let’s Start.

If we click on any blog post, then there is a comments section at the bottom of every post.

How to Stop Spam Comments in WordPress

In the comment box, Users praise your post share some problems after that, they enter the name, email, and link of the website. Sometimes some people put a link to the website from which they want to get back-links.

After this, those comments are approved that they give appreciating something about that blog post.

But what happens in an approved case?

How to Stop Spam Comments in WordPress

Here is a comment which named is hairstyles VIP, it can’t be any name but if we click on hairstyles VIP we will redirect to the hairstyles website.

How to Stop Spam Comments in WordPress

Hairstyles’s website has commented on our post and put the name hairstyles VIP.

And I have approved it for you guys to see.

Now look here guys, this is an attempt to take a back-link yeah it has been written awesome but this is the wrong way to take a back-link, “How Will We Prevent It”?

So we will do a very simple thing, why don’t we just remove the section of the website.

How stop spam comments in WordPress


  1. Login To Your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go To Appearance And Click On Customization.
  3. Under Customization, Scroll Down And Click On Additional CSS And Paste The Below Given Code.
.comment-form #url{
  1. Finally, Click On The Publish Button.
  2. Clear Your Cache And Refresh.


In WordPress, it’s important to stop spam comments. and “How to stop spam comments in WordPress”.

So basically if you are running a blog on a WordPress site then you might be dealing with spam comments. If you are not in the habit of checking spam comments yourself in the blog post comment section.

In the past, spam comments have been an annoyance for website owners, but with the growth of bots, spam comments have become a huge problem.

In this, Article we have learned how to remove website URL field from wordpress comment form. IF YOU ARE STILL GETTING ANY ISSUES THEN COMMENT.

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