How To Rank Your Website On Google 2021 | 10 Best Way To Rank Website On Google

Nowadays it is very difficult to rank websites on google because the competition has increased so much today. If you take whatever niche you want there will be a lot of competitors. In earlier days who did not have the proper knowledge of blogging and the competitions were also very less but now everyone knows blogging and competitions have also increased and everyone wants to rank their site on google.

SEO Meaning:

Search engine Optimization is associated accumulation of ways and techniques to increase the number of visitors to a website by getting a high ranking in search results. A very important feature of SEO is creating your website intelligible for each user and search engine robot.

  1. Choose Best Hosting Provider
  2. Choose SEO Friendly Domain Name
  3. Use SEO Friendly Theme
  4. Low Competition keywords (SEO Title)
  5. Drop Your Keyword In First 100 words
  6. Use H1 And H2 Tag (Subheading)
  7. Write SEO Friendly Article
  8. No Copyright Images
  9. Use SEO Friendly permalink
  10. Add Your Site Into Google Search Console And Submit Sitemap

Choose Best Hosting Provider:

Buy hosting from there which provides you good and fast hosting because hosting is also the main thing to rank your site on google. Don’t buy cheap and slow working hosting. It reduces your websites speed that’s why Hostinger provides you best hosting at an affordable price.

Choose SEO Friendly Domain Name:

You know what, Your domain name helps you to rank your site on google and get approval in AdSense also. That’s why always buy an SEO Friendly Domain Name because it helps people know your site easily and remember it.

Use SEO Friendly Theme:

Use Always SEO Friendly Theme Means, Use a mobile responsive theme because google itself says to use a mobile responsive theme, or else we will neither rank your site nor will get AdSense approval. now the usage of mobile has become more than the computer.

Low Competition Keywords (SEO Title):

You have to use such a keyword on the article which has low competition. A keyword is a title that you type in your article.

Drop Your Keyword In First 100 Words:

You have to put your keyword in the first 100 words it is mandatory.

Example: If your title Is “How To Rank Website On Google”.

Here Main Keyword Is “Rank Website On Google”, Now You Clear.

You have to use that keyword in your first 100 words.

Use H1 and H2 Tag:

Try to use H1 & H2 tag in your article its a subheading and this is also a required thing for SEO.

Write SEO Friendly Article:

Try writing unique articles as google doesn’t rank copied content. Do not copy-paste articles on your site simply like and Write Plagiarism free articles.

If You Want To Write an Article About SEO And You Don’t Know About SEO Then Just Read5 to 6 Articles From Different Different Websites And Then Write It In Your Own Way. If you do this then you will also get knowledge and your article will also be ready.

No Copyright Images:

You can’t use copyright images if you want to put an image in your article, then you have to make it yourself or have to download it from copyright-free sites.

Use SEO Friendly Permalink:

If you want to rank your site on google then use a short URL if your URL is lengthy then your page speed will be decreased.

Add Your Site Into Google Search Console And Submit Sitemap:

Add your websites into the search console so that google will index your website and rank your site. And you have to submit a sitemap also.

No-Page SEO Meaning:

On-page SEO is that the apply of optimizing individual pages so as to get a better ranking and earn a lot of relevant organic traffic. during this piece, you’ll realize completely different recommendations on On-page SEO.

If Your On-Page SEO Is Good The Don’t Worry Google Will Automatically Rank Your Site, If Your On-Page SEO Not Good Then If You Go And Manually Index Then Also Your Site Will Not Rank, “On-Pape SEO” Is Important For Ran Your Site On Google.

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