How To Install WordPress

“How To Install WordPress” before I start, I want to tell you one thing, If you want to buy a domain and hosting at in cheap price then I suggest you “HOSTINGER“. Hostinger provides you with domain and hosting at an affordable price, and Hostinger also provides you with a free SSL certificate. And most importantly, easy to use and also easy to control, I’m also using Hostinger, seriously, my money is not wasted, I’ve invested in the right place, that’s what I feel now. Installing WordPress On Hostinger is very easy…

And don’t get Confused between Cpanel and hpanel. They both are quite the same, other hosting providers use Cpanel and Hostinger only uses its own panel that is hpanel, moreover, Cpanel and hpanel are the same…

Ok Let’s Start,

How To Purchase Domain & Hosting In Hostinger:


First, Open the browser, Then type hostinger on the search bar and then press enter.


Then this page will come in front of you then just simply click on the first link.


After clicking that link you will get this page, I’ll tell you what to do once you get this page. You will get 3 plans…

first is single web hosting, second is premium web hosting, and third is business web hosting…

Single Web Hosting:

  • Most basic plan and is the cheapest hosting you can found anywhere. With this plan, you can set up 1 website with 30GB of disk space.
  • The plan is very basic and offers 30 GB SSD storage, 2 Databases.
  • You also get 1 email account and a user-friendly file manager.
  • In this plan you won’t get a free domain, you have to buy separately. but I suggest you don’t go with this plan.

Premium Web Hosting:

  • The Premium Shared Hosting Plan is Hostinger’s top-selling plan and offers everything again at an affordable price.
  •  With that, you also get 100GB SSD storage space, unlimited bandwidth, SQL databases, email accounts, 2X Speed, and FTP users.
  • Lastly, you also get a free domain name with this plan.
  • If you are new in this field and thinking to start a blog or affiliate marketing then this plan is great for you.

Business Web Hosting:

  • here also you will get everything but again I’m telling you to go with premium it’s better for you.

If you want to purchase a premium plan then just click the “Add to cart” button, Once you click add to cart button then you will get this page.


Here you can choose how many months you want, I chose 12 months because it’s enough for me if you too want 12 months then select and scroll down.


After selecting the months, here enter your correct email address because this is your hosting id, after entering your email address then select a payment method, In which way you want to pay if you want to UPI then select the UPI option or if you want Gpay, PayTM, PayPal then simply select that and scroll down. You will get the amount which you have to pay.


I will tell you one coupon code if you apply that you will get a discount and the coupon code is “BLACKFRIDAY“. Once applied the code then click on Submit Secure Payment button.


After clicking on the submit secure payment button this form will appear in front of you, And after filling in the correct details on it you have to click on the pay now button below.


After making the payment, You have to go back and have to click the login button and logged-in again then you will get a Hosting page where you can manage your domain and hosting. And Logged-in just set up your domain and hosting.

How To Install WordPress In hpanel:

  1. First, Go to the hosting section where you can see your hosting and there will also be a manage button on the side, click on it.
  2. After clicking the manage button you will get hpanel section, Where you can install wordpress and manage your website.
  3. Once entering in hpanel then just scroll down and search website, if you don’t want to waste your time then just press “Ctrl+F” you will get a search bar on the top, just search a website then you will get website section.
  4. You will see “Auto Installer” just below the website and just click on that.

After you will get this page, here can you see the select button below WordPress? just click on that.


Then you will get a popup like this, Here you have to fill correct information. First, Change “HTTP” to “HTTPS” and enter your website name with “.com” then enter username and set a password, and enter your email address and Website Title without “.com”, remaining things leave it as it is direct clicked to the “Install” button.

So installing WordPress on Hostinger is that easy! it’ll literally take you a few minutes to urge an online site up and running. But your work doesn’t end right after installing WordPress.

Don’t forget to explore your Hostinger control panel. you’ll create an email account for your website. you’ll also access your file manager and manually upload files to your website.

The Hostinger control panel has many applications for various purposes and you need to get to know them to possess an understanding of the control panel.

This will assist you to manage your website easily without running into problems…

In this article, we have learned about How To Install WordPress and still have any doubts then comment below.

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