How to Earn Money from Youtube without making videos

How to Earn Money from Youtube without making videos” if you are thinking to start youtube to earn money but you won’t show your face or record your voice, this article will help for earn money from youtube without making videos.

YouTube Is a great platform where you can earn a good income and also you can make your firm, Here you can make money with your content or Using others content, some people earn money using this way, I’ll tell you both ways after I finished you decide which way you want…

What Is YouTube.?

I think everyone will be well aware of youtube, so I don’t go into depth I just explain in basic words.

You can monetize your channel by uploading videos on youtube and earn money from ads by getting google AdSense approval.

Youtube is a money-making tool it is a money-making tool, but youtube is strict in algorithms.

YouTube clearly said don’t use others’ content, but don’t worry I’ll tell you how to make money Without showing face and without recoding your voice, using others content.

Just by uploading others videos, remember don’t upload as is it,

First, Edit something in that video then uploads it, I’ll show some proof where people earn decent money from YouTube without showing face and without recording their voice…

make money from youtube
make money from youtube

See how people earn money by smart work, if you want to earn like this then I will tell you how you can earn like this…

Let’s Begin

You can earn money in two ways without showing your face and without recording your voice.

YouTube allows its users access to a library of videos that fall under the “Creative Commons license”. This License allows you to use other people’s YouTube videos (and make money from them) as if they were your own.

  • Using others video ( Method No 1 )
  • I don’t tell, I will tell you what ( Method No 2 )

Method No 1:

First of all, You have to decide what content you want to work in.

You are allowed to use only the “Creative Commons License” videos.

I’ll tell you how you can find “Creative Commons License” videos.

Go to youtube studio and click on the search bar then search which video you want to upload in your channel,

I have searched billionaire lifestyle here to show you, you can also search for something that you want. Then, this page will come in front of you, then after clicking filters you will see ( Type, Duration, Features, sort by ) Click on the creative commons.

make money from youtube

After clicking “Creative Commons” you will see this, here all videos are copyright-free videos you can use these videos anywhere, but before uploading the videos you have to edit a little bit on that video. Means remove something or add something…

Method No 2:

If you don’t want to use others’ videos then using this method you can create your videos without showing your face and recording…


On these 2 websites, You can download license-free videos and photos.

First, Go to chrome browser and search pexels or pixabay…

make money from youtube

And search any video which you want to upload and download, unfortunately here all videos are muted videos yes no audio videos, you have to download audio separately from youtube studio library music… Here you get only 1 or 2 mins videos so you have to download 10 to 12 videos and marge them.

Go to youtube studio and click the library icon after clicking the library icon you will see this page.

Here you can download any audio and after downloading add with the merged videos, and upload it to your channel, the main thing is always to give credit to original owners and add a copy-right disclaimer…

This is the way you can earn money from youtube without making videos and recording your voice, if you have doubt then comment to me…

Earn Money Using YouTube to Market Your Product:

If you’re the sort of one that not only features a great service or product to sell but has the proper look or knows the way to market your business well, posting a video can dramatically strengthen the position of your business. If you’re not the one that wants to be the face of your company, find a lover or co-worker who has the Redford looks to demonstrate your product for your video, and watch how quickly a successful YouTube post will assist you to earn money for your business.

YouTube is a superb forum for those beginning business people that have the gift of gab and would have a tough time cramming all their products and services during a thirty-second commercial spot, to not mention the huge cost a television or radio ad may cost you.

The second positive thing a few YouTube video post is that you simply will probably reach more potential customers for free of charge than you’d with an area radio or television advertisement. there are no better thanks to earn money fast than with the free or low-cost promotion of your business.

While placing local ads in newspapers and other publications is great, nothing can fully explain the merchandise or service also as a video post on YouTube. you’ll have the time needed to detail every aspect of your product or service and explain why it’s better or unique compared to your competitors.

YouTube will allow you to seek out those customers which will only buy once they are sure they need the proper product, and after a video post that breaks down all aspects of your specific product, you’ll earn money from these customers that are often afraid to tug the trigger on an impulse sale. Use your YouTube posts to your utmost advantage and you cannot fail.

In this article, we have learned about How to Earn Money from Youtube without making videos and if still have any doubts then comment below.

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