How To Create a Website In WordPress 2021

How To Create a Website In WordPress:

Creating a website in WordPress is very easy because you get a lot of readymade themes in it, on which you just have to do a little editing. In this, you will get a lot of free themes and it will also look professional at the same time.

Editing means. Like creating pages and post categories and adding a menu and footer like this, we will learn in the article below.

In the Previous Blog, We Learn How To Purchase Domain and Hosting In Hostinger And We Learn How To Install WordPress On Hostinger, Right?

If anyone has a doubt about that then comment below. Today We will See How To Create a Website In WordPress.

After Successfully installation of wordpress on the Hostinger panel, then just logged into the wordpress dashboard. If you don’t know how to log into wordpress then I’ll tell you, if you remember? When you installed WordPress On Hostinger You fill in the administrator username and administrator password and administrator Email, yeah that’s your login I’d and password, If you want to login with your email then you can, or if you want to login with your username, you can also log in with.

Just go to your site and type this in the URL bar, “wp-admin”.

Example: If your website URL is ( then just type this after .com/”wp-admin”. like this ( that’s it and enter it then you will be redirected to this login page. Here you have to enter your email address or a username and password as I said above paragraph.


This is the WordPress login page, Here you have to enter your username or email and password for login. After login…


You will be entered in the dashboard of WordPress. In your dashboard you will see some sections, Here I disabled all the sections because I want anything in my dashboard except “Google Site Kit”. You should also install this plugin which we will see in the article below.

Before I start, here you have to set up some important settings.


First, Go to settings and click “General”.


Here you have to set up just 2 things, (1- Tagline) (2- Membership), And “Site Title” “WordPress Address (URL)” “Site Address (URL)” “Administrator Email Address” WordPress has taken all as default. Do not Change what is marked in red above. If you want to change “Site Title” Or ” Administrator Email Address “ that you can but don’t change what is marked in red.

Tagline: In the tagline box writes few words about your website or content.

Membership: Check if it is ticked or not, if not. then, do tick.

After this setup, Go to “Reading”.


Here you have to do some setup.


Here your latest posts will be selected, Out of which you have to select the “Static Page” and when you select it, “Homepage” and “Posts Page” will appear in front of you.

In Homepage: Select “Home

In Posts Page: Select “Blogs

After This Setup, Go to “Permalink”.


Here you have to check whether the “Post name” is selected or not, If not. then, Do select. This is the main setting because it will help you to rank your site on Google.

That’s it, guys. After all this setup goes to the dashboard.

Let’s Start Creating Website.

How To Create a Website In WordPress:

For Creating Website. First, you have to install the theme, for installing the theme go to “Appearance” and click “themes”.


After that…


Click The “Add New” button and simply download which theme you want, If you use the “COLORMAG” theme it will give you a professional look to your websites Like My Website and a chance will be increased to get AdSense approval fast.

After Downloading the theme just click “Activate”. Once the theme is activated the go to the dashboard.

If you go to the “Appearance” section, you will see “Customize” below “Themes“. just click customize button and you will be entered into the theme customize page. where you can customize your website how you want.


Themes customize page will look like this, Where You can customize everything from here how you want to place your website to your visitors…

First, check all the sections before customize and see what actually is there in that, and then start customizing.

I will tell you the basics:

Global: Here you can customize the “Colors” “Background” and “Layout” of your website.

Header: In the header section you can “Add Logo” for your site, and you can customize “header Part” how you want.

Menu: Here you can add your “Main Menu” “Navigation Menu” and “Categories“.

Widgets: In widgets, you can add “Recent Posts” “Recent Blog Posts” Like this.

After Customizing then simply click on the “publish” button at top of the left side corner.

Whatever I said the basics now its all about that is “COLORMAG” theme,

After customizing your site then you have to create “Pages” and “Categories“.

For creating pages, You have to go “Pages” section and click the “Add New” button and you will be redirected then you have to “Add Title”, like ( Home, Blog, About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer Page, Privacy Policy Page, Terms & Conditions Page, Sitemap ) After adding title then just publish it. as same you have to other pages also. after creating all the pages then you have to create “Categories” also as same. Go to the “Posts” section and click “Categories and then start creating s categories Like ( Blogs And what are the Subcategories you want ).

After Creating all the “pages” and “Categories” Then “Add” them to “Homepage”. Remember this, “Categories Should Be InMain Menu” and “Pages Should Be In “Header Menu Or Footer Menu.

Example: In Main Menu – Home | Blogs | Subcategories which have created | Contact Us | About Us|

In Header Or Footer Menu – Terms & Conditions Page | Privacy Policy Page | Disclaimer Page | Sitemap |

Important Pages For AdSense:

  1. Terms & Conditions Page
  2. privacy Policy Page
  3. Contact Us Page
  4. About Page
  5. Disclaimer page ( For Affiliate Marketing )
  6. Sitemap

See how easy is to create a website in WordPress, Focus when you are customizing the site.

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