How To Add Website In Google Search Console

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free device from Google that may assist everybody with an internet site to apprehend how they’re performing on Google Search, and what they could do to enhance their look at the seek to convey greater applicable site visitors to their websites. Search Console presents facts on how Google crawls, indexes, and serves websites. This can assist internet site proprietors to screen and optimize Search performance.

Our website’s interactions are of two types Crawler And User’s.

If Google Crawler will not crawl our website, Then how will Google know which Category or Niche our site belongs to, and If Google will not know then what will show to the viewers and how will your site Rank on Google.

What Is Crawler?

Crawler works are crawling the websites and collecting data from websites and indexing.

In Easy Words:

Crawlers analyze our whole website, What content is there in our website and what type of images, fonts we used and all details are collected from the website. They do an index after collecting the details.

This means, After crawling the crawler comes to know what type of our website is If your site is about “Make Money Online” then the crawler after indexing puts your site in the “Make Money Online” section of Google. If viewers search about make money online in Google Search Engine then Google shows your website in search engine page list.

How To Add Website In Google Search Console:

For connecting your site to Google Search Console, Go to the search engine page and type “Google Search Console” It will appear at the top of the search engine page, and click that. after clicking that link we will be interacting with this page.

 Google Search Console

This is the main home page of Search Console, Here you click on the “Start Now” button once we click the start now then we will get this page in front of us.

google search console

Here we have to paste our site “URL” with HTTPS in the “URL Prefix section” after pasting the URL of our site then just click on the “Continue” button. Once we click the continue button then we will get a popup like this.

google search console

we will get a popup like this, here we have to choose the “HTML Tag” to verify our site. once we click the HTML Tag Then we will get one code that we have to paste in the header section.

google search console

Go to WordPress Dashboard and click “Theme Editor In Appearance Section”.

google search console

In the theme editor section, we have to click the “header.php” because we have to paste that code in the header section. Here I pasted the code before closing the head tag. Once we pasted the code then just click on “Save Settings”. and go back to the search console.

google search console

After pasting the code come back here and click the “Verify” button first and then “Done”. Once click the done button we will enter it in “Google Search Console”.

google search console

It looks like this, Here we can see everything about the site…


Google Search Console is an unfastened carrier presented with the aid of using Google that enables you to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results. Confirm that Google can locate and move slowly your site. Fix indexing issues and request re-indexing of latest or up-to-date content.

I hope guys All of you should be very clear now that what is Google Search Console?. Later we will learn more about the Search console.

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